How to write a landing page title

1) Speak with conviction

• Don’t say “We help” say “It’s how”

• Don’t say “alternative” say “replaces”

Speak with conviction copywriting

2) You’re not Vladimir Nabokov

Failed poets turned copywriters have a soft spot for fancy titles which say, quite literally, nothing. Avoid these at all costs:

Lead with product copywriting

3) You’re on a speed date

The majority of people look at your site for 30 seconds and never return.

If you can’t make your product interesting in six words sell the benefits instead:

Lead with value copywriting

4) There is no universal approach

Imagine you’re trying to persuade two friends to join your Yoga studio. One’s never done Yoga before. The other has practiced at another studio for five years. You’re not going to give them both the same spiel.

It’s the same with landing pages. Your words should reflect your customer’s mindset.

Annie Maguire is a conversion copywriter. The majority of her traffic comes through personal recommendations. They’re warm leads looking to solve a problem. So she leads with a solution!

Zenbu is a social media intelligence app. The majority of their traffic comes organically to their blog. They’re cold leads unaware any problem exists. So Zenbu highlights the problem!

landing page title match sales funnel

5) How to choose a title:

Write down 10 titles. Show them to your friends. Ignore their advice. Wait 24 hours. Ask which one they remember. That’s your title.

Being memorable is more important than being likeable. People jump from site to site and come back to what they remember:

How to choose a landing page title


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