A/B Testing Ideas for SAAS & eCommerce Companies


Position of personalized product recommendation container (higher vs. lower on the page)

Position of personalized product recommendation container (higher vs. lower on the page)

Position of personalized product recommendation container (higher vs. lower on the page)

Position of personalized product recommendation container (higher vs. lower on the page)

Position of personalized product recommendation container (higher vs. lower on the page)

Position of personalized product recommendation container (higher vs. lower on the page)

Position of personalized product recommendation container (higher vs. lower on the page)

Position of personalized product recommendation container (higher vs. lower on the page)

Position of personalized product recommendation container (higher vs. lower on the page)


Position of personalized product recommendation container (higher vs. lower on the page)

Position of personalized product recommendation container (higher vs. lower on the page)


Add product hotspots on hero unit creative to let customers easily buy products models are wearing

Using two types of animation via JS vs. CSS to measure page load speed

Casual vs professional headline copy to catch user’s attention

Testing different hero unit product photos

Adding featured customer reviews in different parts of the homepage

If user has items in the cart, show the items photo in homepage hero unit and mention they are not done checking out

Auto-playing vs pausing promotional video in the hero unit

Displaying different copy depending on how user found website (ads, search engine, etc)

Testing link vs. button styling on “shop now” CTAs in homepage hero unit

Show vs Hiding email newsletter signup form within hero unit

Promoting products in the hero unit vs. content and an email signup form


Testing a completely different upgraded homepage design

Design of live chat icon – circular vs rectangular

Show vs Hiding customer support phone call option

Effect of additional link to “Sale” page

Simple vs. longer appointment booking form

Shorter vs longer homepage with more information, video, and testimonials

Homepage with only products vs more information and reviews

Testing the effect of Lighthouse support icon on conversion rate

Sending add to cart button clicks on homepage to cart vs. to the PDP

Significantly reduce copy and move call-to-action higher on page

Placing newer products higher on the homepage


Testing effect of quotes from publications with logos

Adding images of celebrities who use the products for social proof

Show vs Hiding “Reseller Ratings” to increase customer trust

Add more UX emphasis (brighter, larger) to a charitable/social good aspect of the brand


Sticky vs. fixed desktop header navigation

Redesigning a header navigation (desktop)

“Sale” vs “Clearance” copy and color emphasis on that nav link

Categorizing certain products in different groups with different namings

Redesign mini cart dropdown to emphasize was/now anchor prices in cart items

Show vs Hiding sticky header with additional product categories

Show vs Hiding background color vs background image in navigation bar

Show vs Hiding “Deals” vs “Deals and Savings” in navigation

Reducing number of categories in the top navigation to the most popular products

Show vs Hiding link to “Sales” page in navbar


Sticky vs. fixed top of page promotion banner

Design optimization of promotion bar

Showing and hiding a countdown timer for when a sale ends

Show vs Hiding closeable banner with rotating discounts

Sticky vs non-sticky navigational bar

Closeable sticky vs non-sticky discount code banner on mobile

Show vs Hiding thin vs thick discount code banner

Show vs Hiding bright colored text on promotional banner

Testing a revolving carousel promotion bar vs. a static promotion bar

Show vs Hiding banner that emphasizes free shipping


Linkbar in addition to hamburger menu

Test scrollable linkbar vs. linkbar in a grid

Bring emphasis to the hamburger menu with text vs icons vs colors

Test a mega menu inside mobile hamburger menu including swiping vs dropdowns

Test removing subcategories inside mobile menu and re-arranging and grouping menu items

Adding a number of items indicator on the mobile cart icon

If users have item in the cart, show a dropdown from cart icon with item name and price savings

Placing content in two columns vs stacking to improve load time

More clearly demarkating different categories of products inside the hamburger manu

Adding “Menu” text under the hamburger icon, to make it clearer for all users that it’s a menu

Testing fewer product categories inside the hamburger menu

Sticky vs Non-sticky full header navigation on mobile


Test rectangular tab vs bottom right circle for live chat widget (Mobile Only)

Showing and hiding mobile live chat

“Contact” vs “Live Chat” icon

Adding a support icon and text link in the global navbar (instead of a support icon in lower right corner)

Add clear, prominent button on the PDP to “Order by phone” or talk to a stylist during business hours


Showing vs. Hiding UGC (User Generated Content) in Footer


Adding ability to filter items according to specific product details (color, size, etc)

Showing vs Hiding Quick Shop or Quick Look option for every product

Showing specific product details or stats near photo of every product

Showing product images from multiple angles of product on mouse hover

Adding color and refinement product filters for each specific product category

Showing vs Hiding brand logos under each product photo

Adding product dimensions and measurements next to each product listing (furniture)

Replace full product photos with zoomed in photos that show more product detail

Longer descriptions under product photos vs only product names

Testing different product names on listing page

Show vs Hiding available sizes of products on mouse hover

Show vs Hiding “pre-order” product label on pre-order products

Testing different arrangements of filters in the left sidebar of a product listing page

Show vs Hiding different product images (item alone, item removed from packaging, etc)

Testing different layouts and photo sizes of products on the mobile listing page

Increase size of product images

Show vs Hiding long vertical page vs shorter stacks of products

Add beautiful stylized, image heavy category banners on top of each category page


Adding interactive quiz to help user choose one product and reduce number of products on page (mobile)

Showing only the most popular products and hiding remaining behind “see more” link

Show vs Hiding a table to compare different products and their features

Interactive product recommendations based on what option(s) user selects


Showing vs Hiding number of products on a page

Showing vs Hiding recently viewed products container

Showing vs Hiding related categories at the top of the page

Testing more specific vs. more general terms for filter copy

Showing vs Hiding a carousel displaying various product styles at the top of the page

Redesign of listing page to look similar to homepage, have larger photos, more immersive, modern design

Show vs Hiding additional brand images

Show vs Hiding several vs fewer products on page

Placing items in a vertical vs horizontal layout

Testing different value propositions in listing page headline

Adding product benefit icons

Rearranging products by type instead of alphabetically

Adding additional information on who would benefit most from specific products

Adding logo and copy about specific patented material used in products

Show vs Hiding more product options


Adding banners with discount codes and applying discount directly to product as percentage

Adding product-specific discount codes underneath each individual product

Displaying calculated savings as a percentage vs. dollar savings


Making was vs now pricing more prominent

Improving newsletter email signups by personalizing popup copy to product categories

Show promotional pricing for new customers only


Adding product review star ratings under each product


Showing vs Hiding a sticky filter bar on mobile for easy access

Adding a clickable “scroll to top” button on mobile

Test a mega menu inside mobile hamburger menu with fewer categories

Allow mobile users to easily select (and remove) size filters

Showing vs Hiding additional, more specific, listing pages

Make sitewide header sticky on scroll vs. not sticky on scroll


Showing vs Hiding customer UGC (Instagram) photos of customers using the products

Changing placement of additional product options on the page

Showing vs Hiding customer reviews as a clickable link option

Adding “featured in” social proof icon on each product image

Show vs Hiding celebrity Instagram image and testimonial within description

Show vs Hiding highlighted customer testimonials

Move customer reviews above product description

Show vs Hiding “Quality Guaranteed” icon on product

Show vs Hiding customer testimonials in a highlighted box


Emphasizes savings as a percentage off the original price

Resize the rows of related product images so customers can see more content on the screen

Collapse parts of the description to highlight important details

Show vs Hiding additional options to allow user to bundle products for a discount

Show vs Hiding “Free Shipping” under purchase link

Show vs Hiding all available Sale products instead of a single product

Adding was vs now and percentage discount

Show vs Hiding emphasis on low price guarantee

Show vs Hiding default selection as subscription vs one-time purchase

Testing a full “build a box” flow vs regular ecommerce add to cart flow

Test preset quantity options (3, 6, 9, 12) vs. letting users choose any integer quantity

Showing a progress bar to receive a free gift after a certain cart size (to try to increase AOV)

Testing effect of 25% off promotion copy near add to cart button

Showing anchor price and savings amount of the subscription option to encourage more subscription sales

Testing different product pricing to find the optimal price point

Testing different free shipping thresholds (to increase AOV via free shipping threshold)

Showing a countdown timer on a promotion to create pricing urgency

Show vs Hiding anchor pricing (crossed-out original price)

Show vs Hiding “Free Shipping” and “Free Returns” text under “Add to Cart” button

Testing “Subscription” as the default selection on page load vs “One Time Purchase”

Show a discount to new visitors only with a “My first purchase” to encourage more first time purchases


Add option to view other products with the same print pattern

Add option to quickly access different products on the page in a pop-up window

Add category of “Suggested Items” to promote the best selling products

Add related categories of products near the Reviews

Moves description to top and bottom of product options

Show vs Hiding specific details of products and increasing photo size

Significantly increasing the amount of information about product

Show vs Hiding various sections of product description

Make product image move when clicked

Change size dropdown to show smallest (and cheapest) option vs. most popular option

Emphasize specific value proposition in PDP copy

Start image carousel with zoomed in product image instead of full size product image

Show vs Hiding full page popup that links info on how to choose the right product

Changing copy to highlight most impressive benefits of a specific product

Add lifestyle images of customers using products in their homes

Adding bullets of benefits near call to action and move call to action up

Adding customer-sourced suggestions on how they use the product throughout the day

Adding list of product benefits above order button

Adding copy of what a product tastes like

Moving link to size guide to a more prominent part of the PDP

Testing a large redesign involving product images, featured testimonials, free shipping copy and more

Testing product names: a scientific variation vs a more colloquial name

Testing single product quantities vs multiples

Changing product names from “Trial” pack to “Variety” back

Testing “single-serve” vs “travel pack” product names

Test different default selected flavors on page load for food PDPs

Showing vs. hiding afterpay or affirm payment option to see if it affects conversion rate or AOV

Testing “Variety” vs “Trial” vs “Sample” product name and description


Testing a recommended products container

Show vs Hiding dropdown with more products so users can create a bundle

Adding option to quickly add accessory items to order

Increasing the number of recommended products

Showing upsell items that compliment current product

Showing upsell bundle options for those buying one item

Add larger quantity “bundle” option as a promotional offer below add to cart button


Show vs Hiding in-person retail store information

Show vs Hiding copy and logo of specific patented materials used in the product

Adding reviews and live chat banner when users attempt to leave page

Show vs Hiding link to popup of current shipping times

Testing casual vs professional copy on “Buy Now” order link

Testing copy and design emphasis of appointment form call to action

Geotargeting: custom appointment form calls to action based on user location

Testing “Pre-order” vs “Sold Out” copy for out of stock item

Testing loading a cart drawer (slides in from right side) instead of loading separate cart page

“Add to Cart” area is sticky (fixed in one position) vs not sticky

Adding professional images of people using item


Adding a video in gallery to describe product

Adding an explainer video to explain all options of a product underneath photo gallery

Testing an explainer video specifically on a bundle product

Test a promotional video on different positions on page

Adding explainer images (images with overlays of text with product details) in image carousel of PDP

Showing vs. Hiding image of model wearing apparel product in image carousel of PDP


Show vs Hiding chart of benefits of brand versus competitors (with regards to specific products)

Adding photo comparing product details (dimensions) vs. competitors


Adds sticky functionality to “Add to Cart” on mobile to make it more easily accessible for customers

Displays breadcrumbs to easily return to the main product category and keep shopping

Replaces dots with image thumbnails to indicate “additional images” on mobile PDP

Adjusting placement of review stars and social media buttons

Adding “Sale Ends” countdown timer on mobile

Add copy about how easy checkout is to complete on mobile and how much customers saved

Shorter vs. longer product descriptions and copy on PDP

Show vs Hiding copy to emphasize ease of checkout on mobile

Reduces amount of content and emphasize calls-to-action

Show vs Hiding call-to-action instead of hiding it by default

Show vs Hiding buttons with pricing options vs dropdrown with prices

Display promo code in a different place for first-time visitors

Show vs Hiding sticky “Add to Cart” button on bottom of screen

Reducing content to scannable bullets on mobile (to encourage reading more of the PDP on mobile)

Showing product image carousel first vs product title and description first on a mobile PDP


Adjusts placement of discount code on page and makes it sticky

Showing vs Hiding promo code input box

Showing vs Hiding additional savings and adjusting text size

Adjusting text color to highlight savings

Showing vs Hiding discount code countdown timer on checkout page

Automatically adding discounts to products in cart

Show vs Hiding detailed summary of discount savings

Show vs Hiding duplicate promotional banner of when discounts will end

Show vs Hiding one active promo code near promo code box

Show vs Hiding discount code for user instead of automatically applying code

Show vs Hiding shipping in cart instead of in final step in checkout

Show vs Hiding a bar that shows progress to Free Shipping discount


Reduces legnth of checkout order form

Showing vs Hiding summary of products in cart in first step of checkout

Adding additional proceed to checkout button at the top of cart page

Showing vs Hiding suggested products before finalizing payment

Showing vs skipping a separate login page during checkout flow

Show vs Hiding detailed summary of customer order

Show vs Hiding estimated shipping dates at the top of checkout page

Show vs Hiding additional prompt to confirm product added to cart

Show vs Hiding link to FAQ page

Removing various trust badges and benefit copy on proceed to checkout modal to reduce distractions

Show vs Hiding link to view cart on proceed to checkout modal

Two page vs one page checkout

Show vs Hiding estimated shipping dates in both cart and checkout

Manual vs automatic address fill-in

Reducing elements in header so customer can focus on checkout

Testing effect of making phone number a mandatory field during checkout


Show vs Hiding optional information to complete checkout

Show vs Hiding why user bought the product

Allow users to choose from one-time and subscriptions (or vice versa) within cart


Add Apple Pay payment option


Show vs Hiding prompt to add additional product to order

Show vs Hiding prompt to add specific product to order

Show vs Hiding additional products when adding items to cart

Show vs Hiding multiple upsell products

Show vs Hiding one upsell item based on what product customer has in cart

Adding an upsell popup when users are ready to checkout

Show vs Hiding upsells under customer’s cart items

Show vs Hiding upsells under order total


Showing vs Hiding popup to save cart by creating an account

Allow user to save products in cart for later on desktop or mobile

Show vs Hiding prompt to create an account

Show vs Hiding link to popup to “Save Your Bag”

Highlighting and emphasizing savings during entire checkout process

Show vs Hiding all saving details of order total (savings, crossed out price, free shipping)


Showing vs Hiding PayPal button checkout option in cart

Cart popup vs loading a separate cart page


Adding additional secure payment icons to cart

Adding PayPal Merchant credentials

Adding shopping guarantee


Showing vs Hiding sections of checkout to reduce page length on mobile

Adding a link to save cart for later (aimed to increase user registrations and cross device purchasing)


Adding blog-only discounts when mentioning or linking to products


Adding customer star ratings above product that’s mentioned in blog post

Adding more calls-to-action and increase number of displayed user reviews


Changing links to products using different colors so they visually pop more in a wall of text

Show vs Hiding link to product with bolder color

Show vs Hiding table of contents and moving product link higher on page

Show vs Hiding affiliate disclosure

Sticky vs. fixed navigation bar with new category labels


Adding product benefits and history of brand

Adding a callout box that highlights product as product of choice for a given blog post

Making calls-to-action and product links specific to the topic of the blog post (vs generic “view product” links on all posts)


Recommending individual products vs combined package products

Testing different flavors or models of a product in certain blog posts

Recommending a selection of products instead of just one


Redesigning mobile blog layout with smaller images and text plus adding hamburger menu