7 practical ways to write copy that converts

1) Use value-based messaging

Talk less about your product and more about the value your product brings. People don’t want a better toothbrush. They want a brighter smile:

Value-based messaging

2) Get specific

Landing page copy is full of unfalsifiable, blanket claims: “more, easier, faster …”

If you want to stand out get specific. You can’t bullshit specifics:

Get specific in copywriting

3) Call out the type of customer you serve

People pay attention when they know something is specifically for them:

Call out the type of customer you serve

“What? Loads of authors are using this. I’m an author. Maybe I should be too …”

4) Think “Call-to-value” not “Call-to-action”

Buttons which amplify “value” over “action” usually perform better. “Create Your Website” is more enticing than “Sign up now”:


5) Write for one reader

You’re not talking to 1000 people. You’re talking to the single person reading your page. So write like it.

An informal tone and addressing your users personally (“you”) makes a big difference:

Podia's Intercom message

6) Break long blocks of text into appetising chunks.

Better converting copy is as much about repackaging as it is rewriting.

The 2019 human mind prefers “3 simple steps” to “two long paragraphs”:

3 simple steps copywriting

7) Use your customers’ voice

Your copy should read like your customer wrote it.

Compare the feature page of Etsy and Amazon Handmade (two competitors in the handcrafted e-commerce space):

Use your customers' voice

Etsy’s voice reflects their customers independence, creativity and imagination. Amazon’s voice sounds like their accounts department:

Use your customers' voice copywriting


So there we go:

1) Use value-based messaging

2) Get specific

3) Call out the type of customer you serve

4) Think “Call-to-value” not “Call-to-action”

5) Write for one reader

6) Break long blocks of text into appetising chunks

7) Use your customers’ voice


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— Thanks, Harry

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