Podacity Ai

Discover great podcasts. Podacity Ai is a Spotify connected tool for finding high-quality educational podcasts. Podacity uses AI and ML to help people find the best podcasts for learning.
We combined our own proprietary machine learning models with GPT-3 to build a tool that generates learning playlists containing episodes from word’s foremost experts, on virtually any topic of interest. Enter a topic (something you’re curious to learn about), and Podacity Ai will generate a Spotify playlist containing insightful podcasts to help you learn that topic. Unlike traditional search which only matches keywords, our Ai-based search engine uses GPT-3 to understand your search with far greater context. If you’re interested in learning about something, use Podacity to find the best podcasts on that topic. Podacity makes it ridiculously easy to find a podcast about anything you’re curious about.
You know what else is cool? It’s integrated directly with Spotify. How Podacity Works

Enter topic or statement (Podacity uses GPT-3 to understand your input)

Ai generates generates notes with key concepts

Ai generates a learning playlist with educational podcasts