NLP Cloud

NLP Cloud provides a text understanding / text generation (NLP) API, for NER, sentiment analysis, text classification, summarization, question answering, text generation, translation, language detection, grammar and spelling correction, intent classification, paraphrasing, code generation, chatbot/conversational AI, blog post generation, product description and ad generation, POS tagging, tokenization, and lemmatization. Fine-tune and deploy your own AI models. No DevOps required.
The Paraphrasing API uses GPT-J. The most advanced open-source NLP model as of this writing, and this is the best GPT-3 alternative. This model is so big that it can adapt to many situations, and perfectly sounds like a human. For advanced use cases, it is possible to fine-tune GPT-J (train it with your own data), which is a great way perform paraphrasing that is perfectly tailored to your industry.