Jurassic-1 Language Models

Jurassic-1 Jumbo — contains 178 billion parameters, or 3 billion more than GPT-3 (but not more than PanGu-Alpha, HyperCLOVA, or Wu Dao 2.0).
AI21 Labs has recently released Jurassic-1, the first in a sequence of language models (LMs) that will be made available to the research and development community.
Jurassic-1 write rap lyrics
The team used Jurassic-1 to generate lyrics for rap songs about historical figures. The inspiration is, of course, the musical Hamilton. They primed the model with lyrics about Alexander Hamilton, George Washington (both from “Hamilton”) and Eva Perón (from “Evita”). Then they had the model generate new lyrics about Barack Obama. Note that they didn’t explicitly provide the model with any of the biographical information about Obama, so all the knowledge (Harvard Law, Michelle, Chicago etc.) is encoded within the model itself. Once they had the lyrics, they packaged them nicely in a video using an off-the-shelf deep fake engine that supports rap, added a beat, et viola.
Source: https://www.ai21.com/blog/ai21-studio-use-cases