Date Night Short Film

The script starts simply enough: A couple is at the end of dinner. Conversation winds down, the wine almost finished. After a silence, the man says he wants to play a game.
Enter artificial intelligence.
Using GPT-3, Calamity Ai developed a short film script called Date Night. Tired of off-kilter AI like Cleverbot, they wanted to use more robust tech in their work. In their experience, previous iterations of AI got sidetracked, were easily confused and had no meaningful memory. You can tell Cleverbot your name, but the program might forget within four inputs. Sometimes it forgets immediately. They wanted to find something with the ability to be self-referential. They needed something with the capacity for memory.
In looking for a better solution, they stumbled over Shortly AI. The site is marketed towards people suffering from writer’s block, encouraging writers to overcome frustration by using artificial intelligence. The program adapts itself to your work.
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