Curai uses GPT-3 to generate training data for medical summarization.
In their research paper, Medically Aware GPT-3 as a Data Generator for Medical Dialogue Summarization, they present an algorithm to create synthetic training data with an explicit focus on capturing medically relevant information. They utilize GPT-3 as the backbone of the algorithm and scale 210 human labeled examples to yield results comparable to using 6400 human labeled examples (~30x) leveraging low-shot learning and an ensemble method. In detailed experiments, they show that this approach produces high quality training data that can further be combined with human labeled data to get summaries that are strongly preferable to those produced by models trained on human data alone both in terms of medical accuracy and coherency.
About Curai
Curai is a health tech company working on expanding healthcare access and delivering the best possible care to everyone. They run a virtual primary care clinic, and leverage AI and machine learning to help their doctors work more quickly and effectively.