AI Kanye West

Jukebox + GPT-2
We have taught computers to do some amazing and horrible things, as a species. But nothing summarizes both of these facets quite like a machine-learning-generated snippet of Kanye West rapping Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” with what sounds like a mouthful of stockpiled quarantine Nutella.
This is just one example of the thousands of cursed yet compelling song snippets generated by GPT-2.
Jukebox is capable of parsing music on audio from more than 1 million songs pulled from the web. From this fuzzy internal picture of what constitutes listenable music, Jukebox generates new songs in various genres and in the style of specific artists. The final product includes AI-generated music and vocals.
In a more recent example Deepfake Kanye Voice Disses The Patriarchy together with AI Eminem