Repeatable Solutions

Replicable, integrated solutions to a specific process improvement or application requirement. A repeatable solution typically exhibits the following characteristics:

• Fixed pricing, sometimes with a shared business-benefit upside.

• Fixed delivery schedule with rapid implementation.

• Specified performance.

• Initial pilot solution with rapid prototype, followed by roll-out and incremental additions.

• A prime contractor with one point of contact for the client.

• Long-standing and battle-proven partner relationships.

• Joint research and development (R&D) and joint marketing among the partners.

• Opportunity for residual values in the form of royalties, licensing, etc.

Repeatable solutions, as the basis for the portfolio of technology solutions (POTS), must be targeted at specific processes, technologies, subindustries or topical issues. They require high-end professional services such as business process re-engineering, system and network integration and software customization.

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