Quick Response Codes (QR Codes)

Quick response codes (QR codes) and color codes are high-density, two-dimensional bar codes that are readable by mobile phones and computer cameras with the correct software. Color codes enable the same physical space to encode more information by incorporating color in any pattern or shape, such as a logo, that attracts attention. Users capture the mono or color image, which, after decoding by the device, launches its browser, linking the device to the URL embedded in the code.QR codes may be printed on any substrate. The small, densely packed bar code fits well on printed transaction documents, magazines and direct-mail pieces, as well as clothing, point-of-purchase displays, packaging, buses, buildings and business cards. Software that captures QR codes tends to be very efficient and reliable (although users or specific apps report widely varying ease of use and results) and can capture any code in view of the camera, often when it is slightly out of focus or if only part of it is visible. Although the QR code enables the user to link to a URL, the website owner must still provide relevant product information, payment portal, and other content.

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