E-mail Click-through rate

Email CTR is the percentage of people who clicked a button, a link, or an image in your e-mail. The click-through rate gives you a good indication if people eventually take action. If people read your e-mails but do not take action, your e-mails will not get you anywhere. When looking at click-through rate, it is essential to differentiate between unique clicks and all link clicks. Unique clicks are tracked once the subscriber clicks on the link. All link clicks shows the total amount of clicks, even if a subscriber clicked a link multiple times.

How to calculate the click-through rate for e-mails

To calculate the e-mail click-through rate, divide the total number of clicks by the number of delivered e-mails.

E-mail click-through rate = Number of clicks / Total number of delivered e-mails.

For example, if you send 410 e-mails, 400 get delivered, and 200 people clicked on your Call To Action, your e-mail click-through rate is 50% (200 / 400 * 100 = 50%).

How to increase the click-through rate for e-mails

• Make your e-mails mobile friendly
• Use a double opt-in
• Use an engaging Call to Action
• Make it personal
• Communicate benefits, not features
• Time e-mails based on customer behavior
• Consider the character count in your subject line
• Write engaging copy text & use engaging images
• Create relevant content for your subscribers

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