Dwell Time

Dwell time is the amount of time a visitor spends on a web page before returning to the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). For example, if a visitor clicks on your link on Google and spends two minutes reading your content before returning to Google’s search results, the dwell time is two minutes. The metric is a great indicator, whether your site provides enough value for the visitor to stay and engage with your content. If people visit your site only for a short amount of time, this will hurt your Google ranking since it indicates that your page has little value. Therefore, the higher the dwell time, the better. You want to achieve that people find your content so valuable that they stick with you and take the next step within your page.

It is essential to distinguish between dwell time and time on page. While time on the page shows the amount of time, a visitor stays on your site before going anywhere else (back to the search page or to another page), dwell time only shows the time on your page before returning to Google’s search.

It is worth mentioning that you cannot find dwell time on your Google Analytics Dashboard. However, you can see time on page/session duration to get a feeling of how well your website’s content and design perform.

How to improve dwell time on your website

• Improve your page speed
• Make your page mobile-friendly
• Show the value of your service immediately
• Use videos to make people engage longer with your content
• Publish quality content that is valuable to your audience
• Use visuals and images
• Use internal links to guide visitors through your page

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