Behavior segmentation

Behavior segmentation is the first step of creating a tailored email campaign. It is the process of filtering a customer database (using a CRM) by behavior in order to reach a specific customer segment. Then the campaign is customized to react to or build on that behavior.

This is necessary because the campaign makes sense only to the people who fit certain criteria – for example, sending a cart abandonment campaign to people who have completed an order is useless and hurts their experience.

Behavior segmentation makes your email marketing more relevant, more personalized and therefore, more effective.

Some examples of behavior segmentation:

  • ordered a certain product
  • converted from a particular email campaign
  • ordered more than 3 times in the last month and has not used a coupon
  • spent over the average customer lifetime value already
  • read a blog article and ordered for the first time
  • viewed a particular product but did not purchase
  • has given you a very negative feedback score
  • has shopped a lot in the past, but not in the last 2 months

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