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6 Tips for a Successful [your-business-name] Campaign

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Thank you for launching your crowdfunding campaign on [your-business-name]! The next step is sharing the campaign and getting donations. To help, we’ve listed our 6 most important tips for a successful [your-business-name] campaign.

Share with friends and family

Those close to you are likely to be your #1 supporters. Share on Facebook, Twitter, and Email for their support. You can also ask them to share it with their friends for more support! This is the most important thing you can do right away! More info on sharing here .

Make Your Campaign Look Great

Visit the “Edit Page” section of your campaign and make sure all areas are filled out. Donors want to know about what they’re supporting, why it’s important, and where their money will go.

Keep Donors in the Loop

Provide updates on your campaign’s wall to let people know that the campaign is still going. Don’t forget to checkmark the share on Facebook, Twitter, and Send to Supporters boxes too!

Say Thank You to Donors

Let donors know how much they mean to you with a simple “thank you” on your campaign page. Make them feel like they are a part of the story that’s unfolding and they may even donate more in the future.

Share with Local Media Outlets

Successful campaigns have seen support from local TV, news, and radio as well. It is much easier to get their attention than you would think. Send them an email or give them a call and tell

them why your campaign is important. Don’t forget to tell them the link to your [your-business-name] campaign!

Set an Achievable Goal

With [your-business-name], you can always increase your goal. Start small, and increase slowly as donations start to come in and you get closer to your first goal. With [your-business-name], there are no minimum raise

requirements. Looking for more ideas on promoting your campaign? Visit our help section!

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