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[your-business-name] is a chat tool for teams. It lets you easily communicate with the people you work with. Say goodbye to those annoyingly long email threads!

How does it work? Easy. Each chat room in [your-business-name] is called a flow. Front and center in each flow is the flow’s chat. Send a message to the chat to start talking with your teammates.

To see what other flows are available in your company, click on the + icon at the bottom of the sidebar. You can also start private conversations with your teammates from there.

Thanks to the [your-business-name] apps, [your-business-name] can be used when you’re at your computer or when you’re on the go. Download the apps from Of course, [your-business-name] works great with any web browser just open to get connected with your team.

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[your-business-name] is your team inbox with chat.
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