Subject: Rescheduled | MobileIron Release Announcement- August 29,2016

Customer Success

[your-business-name] Release Announcement – July 22, 2016

[your-business-name] is pleased to announce that the [your-business-name] Access R6 release will be delivered to customers who have already purchased the product per the schedule below. To evaluate products not already purchased, contact your MobileIron sales team.

Start Date and Time: Sunday, July 31, 10:00pm US PDT | Monday, August 01, 05:00 UTC
End Date and Time: Monday, August 01, 1:00am US PDT | Monday, August 01, 05:00 UTC

No customer action is required. Customers may experience a brief period of downtime during the upgrade.

[your-business-name] Access (Cumulative R4/R5/R6) Release Update

This release includes the following updates:

– Added the ability to report on administrative activities inside the Access admin portal
– Added the ability to export Access Reports to a CSV file
– Updated the workflow for adding a SSL certificate
– Added the ability for administrators to recover their forgotten password using a password recovery key
– Added the ability to customize the error page that is presented to users if connection to a configured cloud service fails
– Added the ability to create multiple conditional policies and apply separate policies to each federated pair
– Added the ability to filter Audit reports by date
– Added a default set of recommended rules for new Access policies
Product Considerations

The following product versions are required for this release of Access:

– [your-business-name] Core v9.0.x or [your-business-name] Cloud R33
– Standalone Sentry v8.0.1
– [your-business-name] Access administrative portal R6
– [your-business-name] Tunnel v1.0.5 for iOSACCESS & LEARNAccess
– Software – Download software
– Documentation
– Download product documentation – Learn – [your-business-name] Access Overview
– [your-business-name] University (MIU) Access Training
– Access Toolkit

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