Subject: [Reminder] Finish setup to get the most out of New Relic APM

Hi there,

We know you have a lot on your plate. We just wanted to remind you that you have one more step to complete in order to get started with [your-business-name] APM.

In just 15 minutes, you’ll have immediate, code-level visibility into your app. Access to [your-business-name] is yours for eternity at no cost and you get Pro-level access for 14 days free!

Complete Setup

  • Not production-ready? You can deploy [youor-business-name] to a development or staging environment too.
  • Not the one who deploys in your environment? We can provide access to the right person
  • Interested in using a different [your-business-name] product? Click here see deploy instructions for one of our other products instead.

Have problems or questions? Find answers

And if you still don’t have everything you need to deploy [your-business-name] APM, please let us know posting in our forum, where you can get help from our support team and user community.

Thanks again,

Your friends at [your-business-name]