Subject: Quick question

Hey {!First Name},

My girlfriend told me about {!Company} last night so I had to take a look and reach out.

My name is Alex Berman and I am the founder and CEO of Leadshark. I run a youtube channel with over 75k subscribers teaching cold email and saw first hand how faster access to better quality leads led to massive increases in revenue.

As a top performer for 6 straight years, I was able to develop a system that guarantees the highest quality leads in the industry. Once we put my process into code we realized we have the opportunity to get the same results we’ve had across 100m in revenue, only this time it was faster.

Our company helps sales teams get more prime leads through our dynamically updated database of potential customers without dealing with high bounce rates or outdated information.

Our Leadshark algorithm has been able to shorten the sales lifecycle of X27 by 28% and increase revenue by 200% in only 3 months.

Are you interested in scaling faster?