Subject: Marin Software — Sales Voicemail #3

Hey [first-name],

This is [your-name]. Just looping back with you one last time here at [your-business-name] regarding your request for info on the free trial. I’m trying to reach out by phone and email several times to no avail. The last thing I wanna be a bother [first-name] so you’re welcome to give me a call back or simply shoot me over an email response. Should you have any initial questions on the set up process from us or you know if you’re if you do have any interest in kind of setting up in the initial 15 minute phone call to go over a little bit more about how our software can help streamline workflow and optimize bids across her social and possibly display.

My office number [first-name] is [your-phone-number] and again it’s [your-name] at [your-business-name].

I’ll send over one last email as well and I know this is often about timing you’re probably busy so when it when the time is right. You’re open to speak with me definitely give me a call or shoot me a quick email response.

Thank you.