Subject: Marin Software — Sales Voicemail #1

Hey [first-name],

Good morning this is [your-name] at [your-business-name]. I’m the account executive that manages the New York region and I was just following up because I noticed you requested some information on a free trial of our ad management platform yesterday. I just wanted to touch base with you to see if you had any initial questions I’d obviously love to schedule up at least 15 minutes. If you have some time to this or next week where I could discuss your digital strategy a little bit further there to Vodafone. I know your actual company pretty well. And of course I couldn’t get give you a little bit more information in terms of power search social and display tools may fit with your current situation. You know if that point it seems to be a fit. I’d love to pursue further with the demo but if not no harm no foul. You welcome to give me a call but also send over an email.

Again [your-name]  at [your-business-name]. My cell phone’s probably the easiest way to contact [first-name] that’s [your-phone-number]. You’re welcome to call or text. It’s again [your-phone-number]. Otherwise as I mentioned I shoot over an email.

You’re welcome to respond back with any questions or to just coordinate discussion initial discussion here at some point this week.