Subject: “iContact Support & “”Special Get Started Promotions”” Information From Grace”

Dear [first-name],

Just reaching out to offer you support, answer questions, take you on a tour of your account and help you with your [your-business-name] experience.

Here are some wonderful promotions to take advantage of such as the 20% off our annual account, a really deep price cut. For monthly account upgrades there is a $10.00 or more credit depending on the account level. This also entitles you to a Success Manager to help you set up your account. Get the best marketing to drive results to grow your business, featuring- segmentation, 679 templates and reporting, just to mention a few features!

Please let me know what your company does? How many subscribers you have? How you got them? How many times a month you will be sending an email? As well as how [your-business-name] can help you be successful?

In addition, please keep an eye out for our Trial Welcome Series emails. They will include helpful tips during your trial to ensure your success with [your-business-name] .

Please email me or call me back so I can tell you more at [your-phone-number]. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Small Business Sales Representative

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