Subject: Hi {{first_name}}

Hi {{first_name}},
Haley reaching out from Doublekix also in the Boston-area.
Yep, this is another #coldemail that says who I am and asks for a meeting; but I’ve carefully followed your quide to avoid being tagged with the S-word.
Luke was at the Ventotam Summit, but not sure if he stopped by the booth – super solid event for us. We help companies manage, scale, and attribute ROI (leads, pipeline, revenue) to their content strategies – does this sound like something of value to Yesware or maybe something you’re actively looking for?
Here is our 90-second video. Thought it should have won us an Oscar, but we settled for a Gartner Cool Vendor Award. Are you open to chatting next week? I can hook you up with a bluetooth speaker leftover from the event.