Subject: Hi {{first_name}}, quick question

Hi {{first_name}},
My name is [[your name]] and I’m a [[position]] at [[your company]], where we specialize in [[your customer-facing USP]]. I saw that you [[some connection–know Joe on LinkedIn, etc.]]!
I’m reaching out because, after checking out {{company}}’s website, know we could really help improve [[relevant KPI]].
Plus, I was really struck by [[something you honestly like about the business–what they’re doing with services or products; swipe a line from their mission statement; etc.]]
Are you free for a 15 to 20 minute chat on [[date and time]] to discuss your strategy for [[your company’s area of expertise]]?
Even if we don’t end up moving forward, I’d be happy to share some ideas that will make an immediate impact :)
Hope to hear from you.
Thank you,

[[your name]]