Subject: Hey

You won’t have heard of me. (Hi, I’m Alex!). I got your details from a list *gasp*. But hey, that means you’re list-worthy; that’s gotta be something, right? 😉

OK, let’s get down to brass tacks. I’m writing to you from the office of Leadshark, a database of millions of verified cold email ready B2B leads that I run with my cofounder Robert, and a team of 12 people far more talented than me.

For the last few years, we’ve run our amazing database – and we absolutely love it. It’s a wonderful feeling to know we’re not ripping clients off and producing the best work of our lives.

We’re looking to win new clients over to our side and away from those evil (ok, maybe not evil… but not as good) other lead generation sources.

If you let me have a chat with you about your outbound sales, lead generation, 0% bounce rate guarantee, or bedroom tidying needs – I will buy you lunch/coffee/tequila shots and promise to be somewhat entertaining. If you’re lucky, I may even wear a top hat. First off, I’d love to provide you with some ideas you are free to steal.

I’ll be in touch on email when you least expect it… Dun Dunn Dunnn!

I await your profanity-filled response.

Have a splendid day,