Subject: Hey {{first_name}}, what about embedding videos with your blogs?!

Hey {{first_name}},
The blogs your write for have given me many powerful email tips, so thank you first and foremost!
I wanted to reach out because while reading your “How to write a cold email”, I noticed you mentioned, “If you don’t have time, download our…”. A video could also do the trick for people who don’t have time!
My name is Abi and I am the owner and female vocal lead for Voices by Abi. I’m in the process of dropping a new service, Blog to Video, and I would love to make one of your many great pieces into a short animated video.]
Being the Head of Marketing, you know the power of video marketing!
I have a couple of sample videos that I made for other companies, would you be interested in seeing them? If so, just let me know and I’ll shoot them over!