Subject: “Here are 10 things I’m thankful for.”

This email comes from another one of my colleagues. The purpose of this email is to intercept messages during Thanksgiving, and the way in which it does so is, well, with thankfulness.

The funny and charming email template below keeps the confidence of your colleagues with a list of things anyone who works in an office is thankful for. Of course, feel free to customize this list according to the quirks of your own workplace. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reveal them.


Since I’m out of the office for the Thanksgiving weekend, I’ll respond to your email with a list of 10 things I’m thankful for:

  1. Copiers that collate
  2. Co-workers that brew more coffee when they empty the pot
  3. Donuts on Mondays AND Fridays
  4. When IT surprised me with a new laptop AND remembered to transfer my files
  5. When You-Know-Who died at the end of book 7
  6. Dry-erase boards that actually erase
  7. The brave soul who cleaned out the refrigerator
  8. When I’m early to an all-staff meeting and score a seat near the door
  9. HR finally sent a memo telling people to STOP clipping their nails at their desk
  10. OOO autoresponders

Have a great Thanksgiving, and I’ll get back to you Monday.