Subject: Get sales & marketing aligned and drive 38% higher win rates

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Every quarter, sales blames marketing for not bringing in enough qualified leads, while marketing sees sales follow-up as ineffective. Creating alignment between the two teams is one of the greatest accomplishments any organization can achieve.

Why? Because tightly aligned sales and marketing teams drive 38% higher win rates and 36% higher retention rates. (MarketingProfs)

Here are some free resources to help you get started:

– Market Survey Report: Crack the Code of Sales & Marketing Alignment, Uncover what 1,000 sales and marketing professionals are saying about how they combat their biggest challenges to alignment and generate real bottom-line results.

– Blog Post Webinar highlights about the market survey report with Carol Krol, Editor-in-Chief, Demand Gen Report, Kim DeCarlis, CMO, Imperva, and Andrea Austin, VP Enterprise Sales, [your-business-name]

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