Subject: Get excited,your Zuora trial is on its way!

Your [your-business-name] trial is on its way!

Hey [first-name],

Thanks for signing up to try out [your-business-name]! You’ll receive an email shortly with your login information for the 2-week trial. There’s a lot to see so we added a few walk-throughs to help you navigate. Play around and see how [your-business-name]can help you:

– create new products and iterate on pricing strategies

– bill and collect money from your customers

– easily expand your business internationally

– automatically account for earned and deferred revenue

– report on the health of your business

– … and more

Go ahead and try out any or all of the walk-throughs. When you’re done, feel free to create more data and test out additional functionality. If you have additional questions, you can always click “Talk to an Expert” at the top of your window or navigate to [your-business-name]’s Knowledge Center to learn more. If you have colleagues who would like to try out [your-business-name] as well, go ahead and share the sign-up link! If you have feedback, we’d also love to hear it. Email back and let us know what you think. Thanks and watch out for the email coming soon!

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