Subject: Fully remote CG & VFX teams

Hi {{first_name}}. Hope you are well!
Quick question: If it’s 30% cheaper, would you consider working with remote CG & VFX teams?
We have remote Strike Teams that can deploy in a matter of hours. The team leads are industry veterans based in California, while the contributors are distributed globally (which significantly reduces the cost).
You have one point of contact, and won’t have to worry about time zones and language barriers.
The Strike Team adapts to your pipeline and can take on entire projects or individual shots.

Previs, Unreal/Unity, Animation, Look Dev, Concept, Matte Painting, Rigging, FX, Modeling, Compositing, Lighting
The team leads have managed remote projects at Blizzard, Blur, Psyop, KitBash3D, ILM, Facebook, The Mill & Framestore
Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in?