Subject: {{first_name}}, these 5 website hacks will boost your revenue

Hi {{first_name}},
[[Competitor]] made some significant changes to their keywords and advertising recently. According to SpyFu, they’re converting [[x]]% more traffic.
This traffic could be yours.
Here are 5 changes I would make to your website and how I believe they would impact your sales:
[[Modification 1]] | [[Predicted Result 1]]

[[Modification 2]] | [[Predicted Result 2]]

[[Modification 3]] | [[Predicted Result 3]]

[[Modification 4]] | [[Predicted Result 4]]

[[Modification 5]] | [[Predicted Result 5]]
You’re in full control here. My agency would be able to show you definitive results.
You’ll be able to play with these website hacks, testing the effect it will have on your traffic.
What do you think?
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