Subject: Fascinating data & charts for {{company}}

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My name is [[your name]] and I run a site called [[your site]]. We’re all about sharing research and advice for expecting and new parents – much of which is based on my family’s experience.
The reason I’m reaching out is that I came across an article of yours on [[topic]] on [[source]]. In your post, I noticed you referenced an article from [[competitor website]] which leveraged outdated stats and data from 2013.
Recently, we spent significant time researching and putting together a detailed report on various related statistics. This included using more recent information and an additional 20+ years of data beyond what [[competitor website]] used. We also cover 14 extra data points with interactive graphs on similar topics.
Thought I’d share since you seem to be interested in unique and meaningful data to help tell your story.
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What did you think?
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