Subject: CWS Summit 2016 Las Vegas Find IQN!

Harness your data to work for you. Find out how [your-business-name]’s ATOM analytics drives program success!

Driving Program Success through Analytics Learn How at the CWS Summit

Procurement, Human Resources, IT and category management professionals are all seeking the same thing: measurable success. Swimming through a sea of data, looking for insights is a common challenge that [your-business-name] addresses head on during the the 2016 CWS Summit North America, September 1920, at the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spain Las Vegas.

While at the CWS Summit, learn how successful workforce programs use technology to visualize new opportunities, derive better insights and make better labor planning decisions.

Join Anne Zelenka, VP Data Science and Data Products, for “The Nuclear Option: How Analytics Powered By ATOM Can Drive Better Program Performance” an ‘Ideas in Action’ session:

– Date: Tuesday, September 20
– Time: 11:30a 12:15p

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn how to harness this power for success in your contingent workforce management program.

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