Subject: Are you hitting your MQL targets?

Hi {{first_name}},
On average, 28% of marketing budgets are now allocated to demand generation, but nearly 80% of organizations are not consistently hitting their MQL targets. Is {{company}} achieving all of their demand generation targets?
Most teams have 4-5 applications and a content creation process with 6-8 steps, all before the content is published to platforms like Treetech contributing to demand generation goals.
Stat-ex’s application streamlines workflows by allowing teams to work collaboratively in one app. From planning, assigning, and creating all the steps involved is captured. Once it’s completed, it’s then pushed to Treetech saving hours of time in your day to day efforts and allowing you to focus on what matters most.
Stat-ex works with tech companies to help them consistently overachieve their demand generation targets. If you are looking to simplify processes so your team can focus on results, it would be great to connect for a 15-minute call next week.