Subject: About {!Company} & Leadshark

Hey {!first_name}, just found {!Company} and loving your company culture.

I’m the founder of leadshark – we’re a lead database that powers sales teams – our entire focus is finding leads for companies like yours and over the last year we’ve generated over $15 million in closed business for our clients.

Reaching out because there are a lot of things {!Company} can do to generate more leads: targeting a specific industry or location, writing more powerful case studies, and adding or improving your outreach campaigns with cold calls and cold emails.

Would love to hop on a call and talk a bit more about how we can help {!Company} grow – whether it’s finding very specific niche clients like we’re doing for Mezzolab, or chasing enterprise clients for D&T (we brought in McDonald’s, BCG, HardRock, Alaska Airlines).

Does that sound like something you’d be interested in? Let me know and I can send over a few times.