ZeleoCombine systems and events, create workflows; glue the internet together!

Zeleo connects software services and devices by allowing you to configure reactions to events. There are similar offerings out there, like IFTTT and Zapier, though Zeleo differentiates itself by offering native task management and Zeleo operates on a team of people rather than a single person. For those reasons, Zeleo is ideal for the Enterprise!Add the Zeleo Application to your Slack workspaces to post messages when any event occurs in any system!Configure exactly how you want the message to appear in Slack with Zeleo Communication Templates and when they should be displayed. Define a team of people in Zeleo and send Direct Messages to people on your Slack workspaces by how they are related.For example, send a direct Slack message to a software developer’s Team Lead when that developer commits a Pull Request in GitHub. Let the team know when someone makes a commit to master. The possibilities are endless!Sign up today at https://www.zeleo.io for free! If you find yourself using Zeleo a lot, paid tiers are available as well.

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