Yellow Ant Powerful work automation in Slack

YellowAnt is an advanced Slack bot that automates your work in three ways :
• By taking commands for all your workplace apps from Slack through a simple and easy interface
• By getting real-time notifications from all your workplace apps into Slack(both personal DM and Channels) and allowing actions on them right from your chat window
• By letting you create cross-application workflows in our workflow builder, that can be triggered by a background application event or by your custom command right from SlackYellowAnt is the ultimate collaboration accelerator for Slack teams. It brings actionable alerts and context to the right people in the right format. YellowAnt alerts you whenever something important happens and automates most of the grunt-work while you and your team focus on making the world a better place.A few pointers to note:
• UX – YellowAnt uses Slack’s beautiful dialogs to take your commands to ensure high levels of accuracy. Just type ‘help’ and it will guide you with your commands
• Accounts – In order to command YellowAnt, each user needs to create a YellowAnt account and integrate their own application accounts with me. Each user will have their own YellowAnt accounts (under a team account)
• Security – YellowAnt can only take actions across the applications that you have integrated with me and not your teammates’ integrations. The same goes for workflows – you can only create workflows with the application accounts you have personally integrated.IntegrationsYellowAnt integrates with your favorite apps – Airbrake, Airtable, Asana, AWS Cloudwatch, BitBucket, Google Calendar, Circle CI, Azure DevOps, Google Drive, Google Contacts, Gmail, AWS ECS, Evernote, FreshDesk, Google Analytics, Github, Hubspot, Jenkins, Jira, New Relic, Outlook Mail, PagerDuty, Pivotal Tracker, RSS, Salesforce, Sentry, Service Now, Stack Exchange, Marketo, Atlassian, Oracle Netsuite, MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, Microsoft, Outlook, Office 365, Trello, Twitter, Wikipedia, Youtube or even your own internal apps!SupportIf you have any questions, please join the YellowAnt Slack community: http://yellowant-community.herokuapp.comCheck out our documentation and YellowAnt commands here – developers at [email protected]