Wulu Team Feedback Build stronger teams with team surveys and team feedback

Hi Wulu is a team feedback tool that makes it easy to create short Slack surveys for feedback, 360s, retrospectives, standups, or brainstorming sessions — or to simply keep a pulse on your teammates.

Our team at Olark is fully remote, so we needed something fast, friction-free, and seamlessly integrated with the communication tools we already use — like Slack. We couldn’t find a team feedback tool that met our needs, so we built one!

If you’re tired of spending hours fussing over formatting, and then pestering your team for responses, we bet you’ll love Wulu.

Team feedback is easy to gather
Do you often have to follow up with your team to complete feedback surveys? With Wulu, notifications and reminders to complete feedback surveys are sent as Slack messages, so your team is sure to see them.

Feedback surveys get a higher response rate
Do some members of your team grumble when asked to fill out a feedback survey? Unlike other survey tools, Wulu allows your team to complete surveys right in Slack, making it easier and faster for them, which results in a higher response rate.

Text tagging helps you analyze survey results
Are you requesting team feedback to spot red flags or identify trends? Easily analyze feedback survey results by using text tagging to capture patterns and call out important details.

Feedback survey results are easy to share
Do you need to share results with other members of your team? Easily share feedback survey results manually, or automatically, right in Slack — directly with individuals, or in public channels.

Ongoing team feedback is “set and forget”
Using automated surveys, you can source feedback at regular intervals and ask questions like “How motivated did I feel this week?” to make sure your team is working sustainably, or scheduling recurring standups.

Feedback survey responses are secure
The survey response database is completely encrypted and secure with audit logs and controlled limited access, making Wulu a secure tool for HR purposes.

Wulu sounds pretty cool, right? We think so! Here are just a few of the ways Wulu’s been used by our team at Olark and by our friends:

Run meetings
• Automate surveys for asynchronous daily and weekly standups
• Ask questions for quarterly retrospectives
• Organize reflections for project retros

Streamline HR
• Run 360 reviews
• Securely gather data to guide career growth and coaching conversations
• Send recurring company pulse surveys
• Collect onboarding feedback from new hires

Think big picture
• Have teammates propose questions for a company-wide AMA with our founders
• Brainstorm ideas to improve customer engagement
• Our CEO is able to easily reach out individually to understand the team’s biggest challenges

Gather information
• Source a list of all software tools used by our team
• Get feedback on product development
• Organize insights from team members who’ve attended a conference

Impact culture
• Request feedback on company events and retreats
• Nominate teammates for awards
• Submit ideas on how to empower teammates to speak publicly and write blog posts

How will you use Wulu? Share your awesome ideas with us — and you guessed it, your feedback.Just type  /wulu feedback in the Wulu Slack app. We can’t wait to hear from you!-Wulu Team

Contact Wulu developers at [email protected]