Wowwlr Engage, support, share by sending a win

Improve team engagement, feel of support and knowledge sharing by sending wins.- Wowwlr provides an easy way to show your gratitude by sending free-form wins
– Sending wins encourages the culture of support, knowledge sharing and fun
– After installing Wowwlr, it will create #wowwlr channel where you will see weekly digest of wins sent in your organization and updates
– Wins are accumulating in dedicated Wowwlr user profilesUse /send_win @who for what anywhere on Slack: in a direct message, in a private or public channel. Single win may contain several recipients, for example /send_win to @alice @bob for a perfect project delivery. You can use any language for sending a win.Most common reasons for sending wins are:
– Thanking for a knowledge sharing session
– For being an inspiration to others / excelling
– For joining the team and rocking it
– For being dedicated at work (for example, for working late to fix critical production bug, or smooth release of an exciting new feature. Whatever fits your niche)We use Wowwlr ourselves and we see improvements in:
– People get to know about useful improvements that they can start using right away
– Information flows freely and is not secluded to only teams producing it — a big win for the entire company
– Participants are more helpful and attentive to each other’s needs and this gets visibility across the board
– Management gets additional info bits on how their teams are doing
– Creates and perpetuates the culture of trust, help and belonging