Workfront FusionFinish work faster with code-free integrations with Workfront

Workfront® provides SaaS technology and expertise to help the modern knowledge worker know their work matters and empower the modern executive to connect their people to their greatest challenges and opportunities. Workfront Fusion™ is a robust and comprehensive integration platform that connects Workfront to over a hundred other systems across the enterprise landscape, enabling a seamless and connected enterprise knowledge work life-cycle. Connecting Workfront with Slack using Workfront Fusion™ will allow you to use Slack as another channel for notifying your users and teammates about important updates and actions that happen in Workfront. You can send notifications to individual users or a channel based on the trigger that happens in Workfront or create a brand new channel for each project to facilitate communication among the project team members.To be even more efficient you can automate processes in Workfront based on the content of the message in Slack or a slash command performed in Slack.To connect Workfront to Slack using Workfront Fusion, you are required to have a Workfront license as well as Workfront Fusion account.

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