Worked Today? Time tracking for teams who hate tracking time

Worked Today is a time tracking tool built for organisations looking for the lowest friction way to keep track of how they spend their time.No one likes having to fill in complex forms or spreadsheets which is why we’ve focused on making the experience as painless as possible. In most cases tracking time is as simple as a single click.What is Worked Today?
Worked Today allows teams to painlessly track their time. There are many other products that do this but our approach is different…- We only allow tracking whole or half days on tasks.
– Time tracking is just a single click via Slack, Email or Web.Is Worked Today right for my team?
Teams of all sizes use Worked Today for all different time tracking requirements but below are some common use cases.- Freelancers who wish to keep track of their days worked on different projects for billing purposes.
– Start-ups who need to monitor time spent on across different projects for use in calculating returns on investment.
– Larger organisations where staff work fluidly across multiple teams/projects and time tracking is a requirement for cross charging.
– Companies who need to track time across CapEx and OpEx projects for accounting purposes.What can I do with Worked Today and Slack?
– Get daily reminders to track your time
– 1-click time tracking directly within Slack
– Lot’s more functionality coming soon!Use of the Worked Today Slack App requires a Worked Today account. A 14 day free trial is available for new teams.Have questions or want to learn more? You can reach us at [email protected]