Woolfie Keep the human connection in your remote team!

Make your remote team happy again
You can help keep the human connection in your remote team, all on Slack, in 15 minutes or less.Increase your team’s morale in 15 minutes or less
Gather 4 to 8 players together (including yourself!), start a new game, and off you go.See how your team is doing
Woolfie is best played on video call. This helps you check in with your team. Are they engaged? Coping? Happy? You be the judge.Woolfie is a fun and engaging team activity. Try it on your next remote coffee break!How it works
1. Add Woolfie to Slack.
2. Invite Woolfie to the channel with: ‍/invite @woolfie
3. Start a new game with 4 to 8 team members. /woolfie @kara @lee @will @ana @sharon @felix
4. Start a video call right on Slack (https://slack.com/intl/en-gb/help/articles/216771908-Making-calls-in-Slack). Watch your team interact, engage, and progress.