When To ChatFind a time to chat!

When To Chat is a scheduling tool that tackles the minutiae of finding a time to chat across multiple timezones.  There are a lot of timezone tools out there (this one in particular), but none of them easily answer the question: when do our times overlap? When To Chat looks at each users’ current timezone and do not disturb settings, then we provide a visual aid for hours that overlap.We also support non-slack users by correlating a location to a timezone (/whentochat @Hurley “Walt in LA from 10a-5p”). More information in our docs.It’s an ideal tool for distributed teams with remote members over multiple timezones. Or teams with traveling members (Slack updates your timezone automatically based on your location ).The app was originally inspired by this tool. The feedback we received of its usefulness inspired a Slack-integrated rendition.——– Updates ——–
– [15.12.2019] Support for non-slack users! Example:  /whentochat @Ron “Harry in London from 3pm to 5pm”. More details here.

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