Weekly Timelog Automatic Time Tracking for Developers

WT Slack App will help you to communicate with teammates while seamlessly recording activity reminders and timelogs directly from Slack. Think about the common usage of Slack as developers, while working remotely we say hi team to let them know we are starting our shift, brb is also used a lot, sharing progress, etc. Well, our command was created with that in mind, just keep communicating with your team as usual while recording communication as important evidence of our daily work.  Installation1. Either while registration wizard, or afterward from Sidebar > Settings > Apps > Discussions and Meeting.
2. Click on “Join Slack” button.
3. The authorization modal will appear displaying right scopes.
4. Read carefully, then click on “Authorize”That is it !!!For further assistance, please contact us thru the “Online Chat” or “Support Center” at https://weeklytimelog.zendesk.com/hc/en-usMeanwhile, this is the command usage instructions:[HELP]
/wt or /wt help -> list available commands.[START & END SHIFTs]
/wt hi -> records the start of shift and displays: ‘Hi everyone, I’m starting my shift.’
/wt brb 30m -> records the interruption and displays: ‘Be right back (in 30mins)
/wt bye -> records the end shift and displays: ‘Bye everyone, I’m ending my shift.'[ACTIVITY]
/wt a or /wt activity I’m learning coding -> records an activity reminder (no timelog is created, just reminder).
/wt p or /wt progress I’m testing -> send message to team while recording an activity reminderProgress shortcut
/wt I’m learning coding -> also records an activity and displays to team.[TIMELOGS]
/wt t or /wt timelog 30m I’m coding something -> quickly records an effective timelog.[STATUS]
/wt s or /wt status -> displays todays summary stats[WEB APP]