Water Cooler Trivia Build team culture, one trivia contest at a time.

Water Cooler Trivia makes the work week more fun with weekly trivia contests that the whole office can participate in. The conversations sparked by trivia bring people together. It’s a low-maintenance virtual team building game for remote teams. How it works
* One trivia contest per week, with 10 free-response questions.
* Contest reminders sent via Slack in a channel as well as DM’ed to participants.
* Results sent via Slack: not just the winner, but the funniest answers too!
* Celebrate the winners and discuss the results directly in Slack.
* Repeat the following week. Why’s it good
* You can customize the categories and difficulty for your office. We’ve seen categories like Coffee, Finance, Boston, or True Crime.
* More than 50% of participants have gotten to know a coworker through the weekly trivia contests.
* Learn who’s a secret bookworm and who knows everything about current events.
* Spark conversations and competition with coworkers and friends, i.e. talk about something more interesting than the weather and weekend plans
* You can track the leaderboard over time, including “category champs” in Pop Culture, Science, and more. Signing up
* By installing the Water Cooler Trivia app into your Slack workspace, you are kickstarting a free four-week trial (no credit card, no commitment).
* Once the trial expires we’ll work with you to keep the trivia fun rolling.
* Prices are about ~$1 per participant per month; keyword = participants, we won’t charge for the whole payroll unless they’re participating.
* You can learn more at watercoolertrivia.com/pricing Questions or help? Head to https://watercoolertrivia.com/faq or email [email protected]via.com