Votum PollRun polls, crowdsource and vote ideas, collect questions

Give your team a voice with Votum!Quickstart/votum poll – Create a quick poll
/votum list – Create a new crowdsourced list
/votum history – View all lists that you have created
/votum help – Show helpVotum enables you to:- Run quick polls
– Collect questions for all hands/town hall/AMA meetings
– Collect and prioritize meeting topics
– Prepare retrospective agendas in advance
– Collect ideas and run idea tournaments with your team
– Decide on time and location for your next team activity
– Vote to prioritize proposals
– Use Votum Web view to print/present proposals and votes in a meeting
– Run anonymized voting to ensure everyone gets a voice
– Collect anonymous feedback/questionsWhy Use Votum?- It works inside Slack, zero setup time for your teammates
– It’s simple, yet powerful – Votum is a single-purpose tool, with no clutter features
– It’s designed and developed as a Slack-first tool, not as an integration of a pre-existing toolHow It Works?Visit https://blog.votum.app/how-to/ for a quick overview of features and how-to.PricingCheck out pricing options on the Votum website – https://votum.app/#pricing

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