Voodle Keep your team in sync.

Voodle is the asynchronous, short video app for business. Teams use Voodle to stay in sync and aligned by quickly capturing, sharing and discovering important business moments as they happen.It’s easy to integrating Voodle into the places work gets done most, like Slack! Now, your team–or even your entire organization–can leverage the power of short video communication in their everyday workflows. Get started today and experience the authenticity and visual richness of short videos aligned with your Slack conversations; it’s the best way to ensure your messages never get lost in translation!Check out the power of a Voodle+Slack integration:
• Automatically post voodles to your team’s Slack channels
• Keep track of your team’s ideas with Slack notifications for new voodles
• Preview voodles from your teammates: see the thumbnail, read transcriptions and find out other details about the voodle in Slack.
• Single-click to watch the voodle.Installation is easy and brings Voodle effortlessly into your Slack workflow! Connect as many Voodle teams as you’d like.If you haven’t already created a Voodle Team and Account you can quickly do so by signing up at app.voodle.com/signup.