Vivun for Slack The Nexus of Product and Sales

Vivun has created the world’s first software for presales, designed to transform how B2B technology companies go to market.Run leaner by powering the entire presales workflow. Companies use Vivun to establish a repeatable technical selling process from team member request all the way through the technical win.Close more pipeline by keeping a pulse on the market. Companies use Vivun to capture the needs of prospects and customers to prioritize roadmaps based on business impact instead of tenure or gut feel.Increase attainment by applying data science to your most powerful data set. Companies use Vivun to systematically analyze forecast risk based on the brand new data set generated throughout the presales workflow.Find more deals with a seamless interlock between sales and product. Companies use Vivun to connect CRM and PLM systems to automatically identify the best opportunities to re-engage and accelerate after every release.Subscribe and make Hero by Vivun a seamless part of your Slack experience:
– Receive Smart alerts from Hero by Vivun delivered directly to you in Slack for: Product gap updates, Deal Revivals┬«, Team member requests, Work assignments and Activity reminders.
– Review, reject, or approve team member requests directly in Slack to assign the best individual for the job.