Vacationizr Bot Easily manage and track time off, home office, vacation, and sick leave directly on Slack!

Trusted by modern teams using Slack worldwide, Vacationizr Bot helps teams to manage time off requests & approvals, vacations, work from home, sick leave, and other absences directly on Slack. Simply use the slash command “/vacationizr“ to call in sick, to check how many days off you have remaining, and much more.
As a team member, you can:
Easily request vacation – Call in sick
Request home office
Get notified about the status of your requests
Manage all leave requests within Slack
Automatically change your status to notify your team
As a manager or admin, you can:
Approve or reject time off requests directly from Slack
Be proud of your team as they can handle request overlaps on their own
Sync your team´s leaves with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook
About Vacactionizr: is your online leave planner!  Manage and track all types of absences online, mobile and paperless. Save time, reduce costs and protect your environment. Vacationizr is free for small teams, and a total steal for everyone else with a simple pay-as-you-grow plan. The Vacationizr Slack integration is perfect for keeping track of your team´s vacation and leave and enables team members to manage everything as a self-service.