Updraft: App Distribution App distribution has never been easier: Updraft helps to manage your iOS and Android apps for testing or internal distribution purposes.

App distribution has never been easier. Updraft helps to manage your iOS and Android apps for beta testing, enterprise or internal distribution purposes. Updraft can be used during the entire agile development cycle of an application, from conception & design and development to distribution, by combining:-Easy beta & enterprise app distribution
-Continuous integration (CI) & deployment
-3rd-party integrationsUpdraft is a safe and secure Swiss hosted app distribution tool, that allows you to distribute your apps easily to your team members or to your beta testers. You don’t need the know-how as developer to set up new app projects, to upload new app versions or to manage your team members and testers and you don’t need to know if your testers are using Android or iOS : Updraft works as OS-platform independent web app.What you should expect from this app:
-You will receive notifications when new versions or builds are ready to install from Updraft.
-You can add Slack as soon you uploaded your first app project (registration and app project needed to use Slack)